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Target Countries: Singapore and Hong Kong

Target Industry: Food & Beverage, Retail, Beauty/Cosmetics, Fashion, Travel, Mobile Apps, IoT, Hospitality, Entertainment, Consumer Processed Goods, Consumer Services, Consumer Electronics, Financial Services

Campaign Type:  Lead Generation/Appointment Setting

Client Profile: Digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and PPC advertising

1. Completed a targeted appointment setting campaign to boost an SG digital marketing firm’s product rollout


2. Delivered results that significantly impact both funnel and pipeline growth


3. Enabled Client to start next phase of market expansion

3 Months

48 Qualified Appointments, 80 Completed Leads, 116 RFI

Target Countries: New Zealand

Target Industry: All industries (except competitors)

Campaign Type:  Lead Generation/Appointment Setting

Client Profile: Company specializes in video projects for advertising, corporate communications, event coverage, and motion graphics.

1. Combined one-on-one sales calls with targeted email outreach to drive conversations in successful NZ campaign


2. Handed off qualified sales appointments that match Client’s target customer profile and level of solution fit


3. Helped Client increase both sales opportunities and pipeline value

3 Months

40 Qualified Appointments, 46 Follow-ups, 68 Requests for More Information

Target Countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand

Target Industry: All industries

Campaign Type:  Lead Generation/Event Marketing

Client Profile: Brand management consulting, research and analytics, brand valuation, corporate identity, brand intelligence, brand engagement, packaging design, and naming services.

1. Launched a Southeast Asia-wide campaign that connected with top-level marketing decision makers


2. Handed off 124 warm prospects and 9 qualified appointments


3. Registered 36 event attendees; 4x more than targets

4 Months

36 Event Attendees, 9 Qualified Appointments, 124 warm prospects for the Client

Client Industry


Target Countries: Australia and New Zealand

Target Industry: Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms

Campaign Type: Lead Generation/Appointment Setting

Client Profile: Accounting, Bookkeeping and Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

1.Validated and updated contact details via Customer Profiling campaign.


2. Filtered active contacts and identified the most appointment-ready prospects and those who were interested to discuss, via the Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool


3.Reached and spoke with prospects at their most convenient time via Callbox’s SMART Calling system

3 Months

39 Appointments Set, 747 Verified and Updated Contacts, 21 Warm Follow Ups

Target Countries: USA

Target Industry: Commercial, industrial, multi-residential, and special purpose properties

Campaign Type: Lead Generation/Appointment Setting

Client Profile: Independent property tax consulting with full-range property assessment and tax management services

1. Over 25 highly qualified appointments every month


2. Higher conversion rate as a result of improved lead quality


3. Coherent single-source feedback on the current pulse of the market in various territories.

3 Months

75 Appointments Set, 400 Verified and Updated Contacts, 30 Warm Follow Ups

Target Countries: Singapore

Target Industry: All industries

Campaign Type: Database Profiling / Appointment Setting

Client Profile: Privately-managed insurance broker

1. Profiled contacts in the Client’s database to identify companies in Singapore whose indemnity insurance was up for renewal.


2. Outbound telemarketing campaign to arrange office meetings between qualified prospects and the Client’s outside sales reps.

6 Months

12,749 profiled records ,  186 highly qualified sales leads

Client Industry

Information & Technology

Target Countries: Boston, GA, USA and Sydney, AU metropolitan Areas

Target Industry: Mining, Construction, Transportation & Public Utilities

Campaign Type:  Appointment Setting

Client Profile: IT services provider including procurement, consultancy, technical support, project management, and cloud management

1. Designed and deployed a long-term appointment setting program for a managed IT solution provider


2. Accelerated the Client’s pipeline growth with consistent stream of qualified appointments


3. Delivered prospects that converted into $150,000 in new contracts for the Client

3 Months

$150,000 closed deals, 90 Qualified Appointments,  180 Net New Prospects

Target Countries: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia

Target Industry: All industries

Campaign Type:  Event Marketing

Client Profile: Computer technology pioneer that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services

1. Successfully completed a 3-month region-wide Call-to Invite campaign for a multinational ICT company


2. Worked out seamless outbound campaign activities that set the stage for the Client to deliver its message to its target audience


3. Achieved key objectives in terms of best-fit accounts and highly-interested participants delivered

3 Months

First Month, Thailand

  • Total calls made: 2,970
  • No. of RSVPs: 70
  • For follow up: 65
  • Requested more information: 40
  • Total positive contacts: 424

Second Month, Singapore

  • Total calls made: 3,080
  • No. of RSVPs: 80
  • For follow up: 70
  • Requested more information: 53
  • Total positive contacts: 512

Third Month, Malaysia

  • Total calls made: 1,776
  • No. of RSVPs: 30
  • For follow up: 40
  • Requested more information: 25
  • Total positive contacts: 115

Target Countries: Austin Texas, USA

Target Industry: Manufacturing, Distribution, Banking, Insurance

Campaign Type:  Appointment Setting

Client Profile: Managed cloud solutions tailored for the security, middleware, and database needs of enterprise customers

1. Completed two account-based appointment setting campaigns that engaged senior-level decision makers from large U.S.-based enterprises


2. Targeted 3 separate decision-maker groups in each potential account with personalized messaging and unique lead nurture path


3. Doubled the number of strategic accounts and qualified opportunities in the Client’s sales pipeline

6 Months

86 sales qualified appointments, 144 marketing-qualified leads

Client Industry


Target Countries: Singapore

Target Industry: High Tech, Retail Trade, Finance, Professional Services, Manufacturing and Healthcare

Campaign Type: Event Marketing

Client Profile: Cloud computing company that provides CRM solutions and  other cloud-enabled tools for customer service and support

1.Launched three successful call-to-invite campaigns for CRM market leader


2. Exceeded targets consistently in all three campaigns


3. Improved event attendance rates and potential conversions

1 Months

353 confirmed RSVPs, client can potentially generate between 39 to 71 new customers from attendees

Target Countries: New Zealand

Target Industry: All industries with 20 – 200 employee

Campaign Type: Lead Generation

Client Profile: Payroll solutions provider

1. Prospects (new targets) who agreed to speak with the Client’s representative to discuss about the product /solution and its benefits

2. Lost customers who agreed to speak again with the Client’s specialists and were interested to know about new offers

3 Months

Total of 84 Leads: 11 Office and 35 Phone Appointments and 38 Online Demonstration Bookings which were all part of the 2,343 Positive Contacts that included warm follow-ups

Target Countries: Singapore and Malaysia

Target Industry: Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Transporters, Delivery Services, Courier Services, Movers/Moving Services, Field Services, Field Services

Campaign Type: Appointment Setting

Client Profile: Software-asa-service (SaaS) company that develops and offers a transportation operations management platform primarily for SMEs in Southeast Asia

1. Launched an integrated appointment setting campaign for a logistics SaaS startup that targeted SG and MY SMEs 


2. Helped the Client sustain its years-long high-growth performance 


3. Provided the Client with enough pipeline boost to meet a key

3 Months

55 qualified appointments , 51 follow ups, 39 requests for information

Client Industry

Manufacturing and Distribution

Target Countries: USA

Target Industry: Financial (Accounting, Capital/Asset Management, Financial Advisors) Insurance Schools (Primary, Secondary and Technical Schools) Real Estate firms

Campaign Type:  Appointment Setting

Client Profile: Global print materials manufacturer

Data Cleansing - all contacts on the database were called to confirm every piece of business information.


Deduplication - missing details were retrieved and necessary changes are applied to eliminate goneaways, duplicate entries, and contacts that fall outside the target criteria. 


Data Verification - contact names and contact numbers were validated, as well as email addresses, postal codes, and other pertinent contact details.

3 Months

Average of 5 appointments per day for two campaign periods, exceeding the Client’s target of 2 to 3 per day, and even closed deals with two large businesses.

Target Countries: USA

Target Industry: Lodging & Hospitality, Restaurant, Education, Petroleum/C-Store

Campaign Type: Appointment Setting

Client Profile: Independent payment processors and payroll services,

1. Substantial volume increase in sales activity and closings for sales agents under the program


2. Improved lead quality dictated by strict Callbox qualification standards 


3.Significant reduction in costs associated with generating new business

4 Months

A 3-fold increase in sales team activity in terms of number of proposals made and sales meetings completed 


Improved lead quality as evidenced by a 70% reduction in no-show sales appointments and a 110% increase in response rates


 Additional prospect-level sales intelligence for all its 800 reps nationwide

Target Countries: SG, AU, MY, PH, TH, KR, IN, US, CM, LA, MM

Target Industry: Construction, Automotive, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Medical, F&B, Industrial

Campaign Type: Customer Profiling

Client Profile: Manufacturer of coding, printing and laser marking products, fluids, and accessories

1.Spearheaded 3 successful customer profiling campaigns across the Client’s target regions


2.Accomplished The Client’s requirement of 10,000+ profiled contacts with 99.99% data accuracy


3. Generated several warm leads and appointments from the pool of profiled contacts

6 Months

10,000 clean and working records within the set period, with only minimal returned data for re-verification

Leads Global Solutions helps businesses better target clients in the Asia Pacific Market and the North American region by providing sales qualified leads. With the use of Targeted and Personalized Messaging through Multiple Channels, we put you in front of your next big client. Our Account Based Marketing approach opens the doors for more sales opportunities and speeds up your average sales cycle.

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